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VHF Equipment

Mobiles And Bases

f110 large

VHF Accessories

VHF Handheld Radios are licensed radios and can range up to 10 miles depending on the terrain.

The license is 75 for 5 years (last updated 16-6-10) but you have different variations of licenses so the price may differ.

If you just want to rent radios from us you don’t need to worry about a license as you can be put on one of our short term licenses. The prices of rental will be with the information of the radios along with the sale price if applicable.

rental price includes every day wear and tear to the radio, if the radio has been dropped or accidentally damaged in any way then that would be chargeable to the hirer so we do suggest that you insure the radios.

radios will always come with a battery, charger and power supply.


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F15 handheld.

is a lightweight, high performance radio. it has virtually no buttons so is very simple to use.

it weighs approx. 260g, its dimensions are; H-120 x W-53 x D-38 mm.

it can also take up to 16 channels.


for sale; 210.33 each inc vat or if you buy 2 or more then they become 195.00 each inc vat.

for rent; 23.27 per month per radio.

these radios are also available as second hand, please ring for an exact price.


F51 Handheld

is a waterproof radio, fully submersible in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes and has a dust tight construction that prevent the ingress of dust.

it weighs approx.. 280g, its dimensions are: H-97 x W-56 x D-36.4 mm

it can take a maximum of 128 channels.


For sale 372.85 each inc vat or if you buy 2 or more then they become 300.00 each inc vat

For rent; 37.16 per month per radio

these radios are also available as second hand, pelase ring for an exact price.

Mobiles And Bases

Mobile (vehicle) radios can range alot further than handhelds as they use an aerial that’s fitted to the vehicle. They work off the 12v system, whether its hard wired in or just by cigarette plug.

These mobile radios also require a license

f110 large

mobile radios: there are 2 different types that we keep, one with a screen and one without!

The F110s (without screen) can be bought 195.00 new or second hand from 100 depending on the radios we have in stock at the time! this is the basic radio of the two and is smaller as it hasnt got the screen!

The F1010 (with screen) cant be bought new but can be bought second hand from 100 again depending on what radios we have in the shop at the time!

These radiso can also be rented from us for the price of 23.20 a month!

For second hand prices please contact me!

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